At long last, Zombie Town is here!

After much struggle and a few naughty words, I’ve finally gotten my short story collection, Zombie Town, up on Amazon and Smashwords, where you can download various formats (except for .epub, which I’m having a little trouble with at the mo). The book should filter through and be at the other major and minor retail sites Smashwords distributes to within a few days, I hope.

Rather than publish the stories one-by-one, I decided to make them into a collection. Some of the stories are rather short to put up on their own, unless I do it for free, which yet may happen. I’ve got a couple or three novels to finish first, though.

Those of you who are Constant Readers may notice that the author name is different. I’ve got a post coming up that explains my reasoning in detail (hey, don't be like that! it’s not that bad), but the short version is that I’m using pen names for various genres and keeping my real name for my nonfiction work.

I’m pretty excited to have published another book. It’s been a while, and I’m surprised at how much of the publishing process I’ve forgotten! I got pretty frustrated with getting Smashwords to accept the .epub, and still have to get that uploaded, and both Amazon and Smashwords took forever to load the files.

So that’s the latest news from my world. Upcoming blog posts will cover my re-branding as a writer, an open letter of appreciation to readers, and a program to get books into the hands of prisoners, so stay tuned to this channel.