An open letter of appreciation to readers from writers.

You may have heard or read about a letter from some authors, about the contract negotiations between Amazon and Hachette, a publishing house. There’s a lot of wrong information, some nasty allegations and flat-out untruths in that letter, and in response many other authors have written their own letter to you, the readers.

You may not have heard anything about this, and maybe you don't care, but I’ll let those who can explain why it's important better than I do so, such as Joe Konrath, who responded to the letter written by the other authors here. Are you confused yet? I know I am.

I signed the letter linked above, but I wanted to also say here on my blog how much I appreciate each and every person who reads anything I write, whether here on this blog, wherever I post around the Internet, and those who read my fiction. Without you, nothing I say would be heard, except in my own head (and that can be very scary, let me tell you).

There’s battle going on between the traditional world of publishing and self-publishing (or indie publishing, if you prefer) and there’s no reason for it. The way we get our work out to the reader shouldn’t matter, just so long as it gets to you. Readers are the only gatekeepers that matter.

Part of this battle is showing up in the way Hachette -- and the other publishers known as the “Big 6”, though there are smaller publishing houses involved as well -- is fighting with Amazon over the price the Zon wants to sell books for (there's probably other stuff as well, but it's being kept secret). It seems Amazon wants no part of the collusion that these publishers have already gotten into trouble with the Department of Justice over. Imagine that.

To get back on track on the subject of this blog post, however, let me say again that I really do thank you for taking time to read anything I write, and if you buy my work that’s good too.

Coming up in future posts are the long-dreaded — I mean, long-awaited! Long-awaited!— post about why I’m going to pen names for my fiction, and I think I need to write about my beans and chickens again, since I got chided for that by somebody who doesn’t even know me. humpf The nerve!