About Me

I'm a mother of three boys, now grown:  Number One, the eldest of course, Second of Three, and the youngest is Sk8monkey. Yes, I'm slightly nerdy, especially when it comes to Star Trek. I've always been a big SF fan, and there are no signs of that abating this late in the game. I do crafts, like scrapbooking, sewing and fixing dolls (vintage and mod Barbies are favorites), love to read and surf the Internet, and I've always been writing something or other.

In early 2011, I found the wonderful world of eBooks, and began reading on my Palm TX. A few months later, Second of Three bought me a Kindle 3, and my reading really took off. I still reader paper books, especially hobby or research books, but mostly I'm a digital girl now.

Thinking about the books I was reading got me to consider finally following up on an old dream of being a writer, and I began looking into the latest requirements for submitting manuscripts. While I was researching, I began finding sites talking about something called "self-publishing". I was skeptical, because the only way I'd known how to do that involved spending large sums of money with shady companies.

I started reading Joe Konrath's blog, and following links that led me to more information. I decided that the time was right for me to have a writing career. I wasn't getting any younger, so I got started. Last year I had a bit of a flame out, and pulled all my stories, though I'm now working on getting everything back up, and writing more. I submitted new stories to various anthologies, and recently published a collection of zombie short stories.

I've written professionally before -- several years ago I was a reporter for our local weekly newspaper, and at another job I edited the company newsletter and also wrote articles for it. I've had a few things published in anthologies, one of which is out of print now.

On this blog, I'll post about my writing, my kids, my chickens, the garden and whatever other random subjects come up. I hope you won't be bored, but I'm making no promises!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your visit. You can leave comments on any post, or email me at newsfromsheilasworld (at) gmail (dot) com.