Garden of tasty delights.

After I let The Chickie Chickie Girls out this morning, giving them fresh food and water to start the day, I took a walk up to the garden and spent some time harvesting beans and peas.

A lot of beans and peas. With more to come.

What have I gotten myself into?

Oh, that’s right. Dinner. ha ha

Anyway, I can see there will be a boatload of tomatoes coming very soon, and more beans and peas. My spaghetti squash is making lovely little baby squashes. I can hardly wait to taste one. Yum!

I walked back to the house — and have I mentioned this is trudging across two acres, in the heat and humidity of an early summer morning in the South? — and washed and sorted out the peas from the beans. It seems I have two different kinds of green beans (which are called garden beans for some reason). I’m not sure how that happened, but rest assured, they will be eaten, and gladly.

A tisket, a tasket veggies in a basket.

Beans, more beans, and peas, oh my!

There’s more to plant, too. I re-started some things that didn’t come up the first time, and have cucumbers, more tomatoes, and regular crook neck squash and zucchini and some more beans. My granddog got into the peppers, so that’s a bust unless I can find some at the store to plant.

The speckled Lima beans and black beans I’d planted a while back are just getting to the point where they’ll be producing, and I started a few more of each, so that will add to the harvest. All I need to do is figure out where to put everything!

I see many more days spent bent over with scissors, picking vegetables. My back is already protesting, but my tummy is growling. Is it dinner time yet?