Meanwhile, back at the chicken coop...

Well, it's going in to week two of being a chicken mama, and the little ladies are growing and doing well. They've begun losing their down and replace it with real feathers, a sign they are getting to the stage where they can be outside. Which won't happen until the coop is built, sometime by the end of next week. I've got to get a materials list so I can hit the big box store for supplies.

Next up:  garden preparations. My brother and Second of Three put up the fence yesterday, so now we need the raised beds built, and soil bought. I'll do that this week, along with another seed and plant buying spree. I can't wait to get my hands in a garden again. Oh, fresh salad greens, how I long for you!

Sales of the charity anthology I spoke about are doing well. I'll graciously concede that it's due far more to the famous authors who contributed, and not my fantastic story. But in my heart, I know it's all about me. It isn't? Wait, what do you mean, I had nothing to do with it? Wah! Sob!

Anyway, I got a mention on the blog of another contributor, author Cora Buhlert:

She had listed all the contributors previously, in alphabetical order. With a few exceptions, it runs from A to Z:

Kevin J. Anderson, Aditi Bathia, Graham Brand, Donald R. Broyles, Cora Buhlert, Neil Bursnoll, Jamie Campbell, Michael Carmella, T.L. Champion, Helen Cho, Samuel Clements, J. David Core, Cate Dean, Stephen Drivick, Dan Fiorella, Erin Garlock, David Gerrold, Edward M. Grant, Sheila Guthrie, Jamie Horyski, Mary Kincaid, Paul B. Kohler, Paul Levinson, Kevin A. Lyons, Kelly Lytle, Ron McLarty, John L. Monk, Lindy Moone, E. Percy Muove, Debadatta Pati, Dario Solera, H.S. Stone, Joe Tannian, Vincent Trigili, Karen Tucker, Rich Walls, Stella Wilkinson, Richard Wolanski and Frank Zubek.

Speaking of Frank Zubec (and if you're not, you should be), I answered some Q & A for his blog:

I'm at the end of that post, but above me are Kevin J. Anderson and several others who contributed to the anthology. Lots of good reading, interesting factoids, and links, links, links.

Paul Levinson linked to several of the contributors (Including me) on his Google + page:

The print version is out, at least for some, and the distribution to retailers like Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc. should be coming soon if they aren't already there. I'm pleased as punch to have contributed stories to two of the three volumes, now I need to get busy and get my other writing out and about (including a special anthology that I'll talk about later when more details are available).

Later, gator!