Well, there's good news, and good news.

Mama had a biopsy following a mammogram, and we got the news yesterday that everything is okay, no sign of cancer. We had all been worried, because the test had shown something in the other breast that the doctor didn't like, and of course we all thought the cancer was back. But, all is well, and onward to the next checkup in six months.

Second bit of good news:  my little chicken ladies are still among the living. They are growing like weeds and have almost completely lost their down, so I hope to have them outside in their coop/run by the end of next week. Then I can start scaring them half to death outside, where they have more room to run! I really need to handle them more, so they realize I'm not some predator swooping in for the kill.

Egg production is highly anticipated around here, to say the least. I know we'll all be delirious when we get the first one. I'm already planning how many chicks to get next spring. Might even throw in a few meat birds. Just call me Ms Chicken Farmer. Ha ha

Not a whole lot of progress on the garden, as I'm waiting for some seeds that I started to get bigger. I do have some broccoli and cabbage out, which has done fine during the cold spell over the last couple of days. I'll be glad when Spring decides she's going to stick around. I've got tomatoes coming, and they don't care for the cooler temps. We got the raised beds built and set up, and will be putting out some large pots I have, so there's plenty of room (at least until everything goes in, and then I'm sure I'll be wanting more!).

Writing is trudging along at a miniscule pace, but it's moving, at least. I'm getting more confident in using Scrivener, and more used to putting my notes and other stuff in the program rather than having Word documents spread out all over the place.

So, that's it for today. Aren't you glad you stopped by? Ta,