What do David Gerrold and I have in common?

How about Kevin J. Anderson and Ron McLarty? If you guessed that we all have short stories in a charity anthology, you'd be right. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome, if you ask me. Isn't the cover gorgeous?

The collection has all kinds of stories, at flash fiction length (1000 words or less), so there's bound to be something of interest to just about anyone. On sale at Smashwords and Amazon right now. It's edited by Stella Wilkinson, and the cover is by Gale Ramage. If you'd like to read more about the book and the authors, Frank Zubek has some interviews up on his blog. He's also a contributor.

My story, Whither Time, is about a woman betrayed by her husband and trapped in a world just beyond our own. Like a lot of my short stories, the idea for this one came pretty much intact and ready to go, though I did finesse it a bit. It started as a time travel plot, but I just wasn't happy with that idea; I knew it wasn't quite the "vibe" I was going for. After thinking about it for a while, the solution came to me.

What solution, you ask? Well, you'll have to get the book and read the story. wink wink

This is the third volume, the first was Something to Read on the Ride, which doesn't have a story by me, and the second was Something for the Journey, which does have a story by me. All sales go to the charity, Wallace and Grommit's Grand Appeal, so you can get some awesome reading material and help a good cause at the same time.

There's another anthology coming out later this spring (no exact date set yet, and other details still being worked on) that will also have a story by me in it, again flash fiction. I'm having fun writing these really short stories, they are ideally suited to my writing style. I tend to write "lean", and for longer works I have to go back and flesh out description and dialogue.

Bye for now,