Here chick-chick chicken!

I have been a proud chicken mama for more than a day now, and I haven't killed them yet! I'm so proud. The little darlings are actually looking pretty darn good, eating and drinking well and making the cutest little cheep cheep sounds. Sa-weet.

I got three red and three yellow pullets. They are a mix breed type thing. I wanted specific breeds, but since I didn't order from a breeder (what do they call people who raise chickens to sell? Mind is blank.) I had to take what my local Tractor Supply had left. I'm not too disappointed, as I wasn't sure I wanted to spend too much money to start out. Next year I plan to order more layers and some meat chicken breeds.

The chicks stayed in a small box in the kitchen over night, but I moved them into a larger box this morning. They were so excited, they kept flapping their little wings and rushing around the box. So cute. Awwww...

They have to have a heat lamp going all the time for a while. That thing gets burn your skin off hot, too. Don't ask me how I know. Ouch. While my girls are housebound, I'll get a coop built (why yes, I did put the cart before the horse), and re-locate my old dog pen. Once it's predator-proof, and the girls are big enough, they'll have a nice home and no reason not to lay lots of lovely, fresh eggs. Yum yum yum!

So, that's another step towards being more self-sufficient. Next on the agenda:  till and ready the garden beds. I bought a lot of seeds, along with some broccoli and cabbage that were already growing. I've got a strong yearning for some fresh veggies, especially salad picked out of my own yard.

I'm still working on the blog update, got to tweak it some more. The writing is coming along in fits and starts, but at least it's forward motion. I do have a story in a charity anthology (with some big-name writers!), which I'll talk about when the book is published in a couple of days.

Later all,