So, I knew last Friday wasn't going to be a good day.

It wasn't enough that the weather was bad, I had to wake up with a sore throat, congestion and a sinus headache. So, welcome head cold. Blah. I've been sick almost all year, having only about three weeks where I wasn't either sick, or recovering from being sick.

Then, around 7:30 am, the power went out. Oh happy day. I hoped we'd be lucky and get stuff restored quickly, but with so many people in the same boat I knew it would likely be at least a couple of days. We made it through Friday, even splurged with the tax money and ate out from Burger King (and thank you for still being open!). It wasn't that cold in the house, so we bundled up and stayed home.

I have loads of candles and a Sterno stove, so we had lights and could cook limited things. Saturday night we had leftover pinto beans made into a quick chili. It was pretty good, considering I fixed it by candle light on the Sterno stove. Note to self:  Self, get the camping stove and lanterns ready, because they will be easier to use.

Saturday was incredibly warm, and everything started to melt. I was having a meltdown from lack of Internet access, and my Kindle battery was running down. Thank goodness for real paper books. Still, it warmed up enough so we could stay home that night, thus saving me from killing my mother. She doesn't do well with house guests. At all.

As if no electricity wasn't like the end of the world, sometime Saturday the phone went out, leaving us with a cellphone we had to go out to the end of the driveway to get a signal on. We eventually got power back around lunchtime Sunday, though the phones weren't back until Sunday night.

But, hey, we made it through, and were luckier than many others. And now I know where the weak points in our emergency preparations are (water and heat mostly, though some sort of extra power for the fridge and freezer would be awesome). So, that gives me something to work on this summer -- as if I didn't have enough on my To Do list -- and everything is back to normal. I've even managed to catch up on my forums and blogs, for the most part. I've almost licked this cold, I managed to maintain my weight loss even though I haven't been eating the best, and it's already the weekend again.

And that's the latest news from my world.