So, I was just thinking about something...

I know! Don't everybody gasp at once, you'll suck all the air out of the universe.

Anyway, as I was saying, I got to thinking about the tax-free weekend coming up, here in beautiful North Carolina (nothing can be finer), and realized that for the first time in thirty years I won't be buying school supplies.

It's the end of a big part of my life, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, sure, I won't be spending loads of money on pens, paper, big boxes of tissues, those huge bottles of hand sanitizer. No shoving oh-so-politely past the shell-shocked newbies to get to that all-important spiral notebook section.

No standing for hours at Rue 21 while Sk8monkey agonizes over jeans that look like they came out of somebody's garbage can. And I say standing, because there is literally no place inside that store to sit down. Or even lean. There is a bench outside, but I'm not getting heat stroke for the sake of fashion. Not for me, and not for my baby boy.

I mean, I love him beyond life itself, but there's a line we shall not cross, people.

The boy starts classes at the local community college, where he will study Automotive Technology, in a couple of weeks, but he'll take care of buying his own supplies. I wonder if he'd freak if I showed up, and just stood in the hall with a tear in my eye?

Yeah. I thought as much. sigh

So, Gentle Readers, I'll leave you with the thought of that poignant moment of mommyhood. Take care and learn on.