So, it's Thursday, and I've been thinking again.

I know. The shock is too much for some of you. But really, it's probably a good thing I don't think too much. It gets me into trouble.

Oh, ha ha. I'm just kidding, people. I think every day. Every. Day. Some of my thoughts are even useful. So there.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this poor, neglected blog. It's not too lonely, as it has good company in my poor, neglected writing. Yep. Writer's block. I has it. I is sad. I've felt so guilty about not writing, that it just made things worse. So I did the only logical thing, and took down all my work.

Oh, I can hear the wails and rending of garments from here. I was a little horrified myself. Two and a half years of work, gone in a flash. Poof!

But you know what? I feel better. Huh. Go figure. The stress of checking nonexistent sales and the worry that if I did get a sale, I'd get a really horrible review was making me feel so bad, and the not-writing thing just escalated it all.

I'll get through that darn block someday. I'm actually doing some prep work on an entirely different novel, not worrying about doing a second book to follow Bound in Amber. And I'm getting ideas, and dreaming about my stories again. Feels nice!

So, while I'm basically not doing anything productive, I have taken time to work on my Vintage and Mod era Barbie dolls. Got the reroot on a Talking Barbie almost done, just need to trim. Yay! I've even pulled out the sewing machine and worked on some outfits, but I'm rusty and they aren't going well.

And I've been working on freshening up the ol' blog. I'm about done with a new header, which may need to have a new background to go with. I've come up with some ideas of what sort of things to post. I've worked out a three-times-a-week schedule:

Monday Menus -- in which I'll put up a recipe of either my own invention,  something I've tried from Pinterest or elsewhere on the web, or from a cookbook. I try to eat simple foods, with as little preservatives and additives as possible. This will probably mean very boring posts.

Thursday Thoughts (first one today!) -- in which I'll post whatever random nonsense -- er, topical ruminations -- I may have bouncing around in my head. This could be dangerous. Maybe I should issue hard hats.

Short Fiction Saturday -- in which I'll put up a short story, either something that I'd already published, or something new. Writer's choice, but it will be science fiction or horror, for the most part. Cause that's how I roll. Again, possibly boring posts, but it is what it is.

You've been warned. We'll see how long I manage to keep this schedule up. At least I'll be writing, for as long as it lasts. Think good thoughts for me!

So, there you have it, Gentle Reader. More of that hazardous mental exercise. Take care, and summer on.