The Walking Dead birthday cake.

So, I posted a few days ago about the cake I made for my birthday, inspired by the AMC channel's The Walking Dead show. Number One finally transferred the pictures from his phone, and I've finally gotten around to posting them.

Here's the picture I used:

And the stencil I made from it in Photoshop:

The top of the cake:

 And the inside:

Isn't the plate cute? It's a big tropical themed platter I got years ago. I loaned out my cake carrier, and haven't gotten it back yet, so I had to improvise. This was the only thing I had the cake would fit on.

The stencil could have used some modifications, mainly being larger and having thicker black areas. It turns out my cake pans are nine inches, and I made the stencil to fit an eight inch cake. But cut me some slack, here. I usually make pound cakes, or sheet cakes, and I forgot!

I made the design with the frosting that comes in a plastic tube, and it was way thicker and stiffer than I though it would be. I could have made the outlines bigger, if I'd known that beforehand, or made another stencil.

But it was getting late, supper (take-out Chinese -- yum!) was waiting, and I hadn't been feeling well, so I just got 'er done.

The cake itself was a Red Velvet cake, which I made from scratch. It was delish! And you can see why I named it "Blood and Bone".

The frosting was store-bought cream cheese, because as I said, I'd been sick and just couldn't muster the strength to make that.

So, there you have it, Gentle Readers, my culinary masterpiece and homage to an awesome TV character. Stay calm, and in case of zombie apocalypse, stand behind Daryl Dixon.