My one little word for 2013

I've written about the concept of one little word before. It's a scrapbooking thing started by Ali Edwards a few years ago. You can read more about it here.

I've been pondering what single word sums up what I want for next year, and it came to me early this morning:  focus.

Focus has been a problem this past year (my word was completion), due to family issues and my mother's near-death following a partial mastectomy. I did finish my novel, and a couple of short stories, but many more works remain partially done because I kept letting myself get distracted.

Of course, those early months while Mama was very sick from her treatments were way more serious and important than my writing. Or so I told myself. Yep, I'm a procrastinator. Big time. But it was hard to think of anything else when she was feeling so bad, and we were all so scared.

I've thought about what I want to accomplish this year, writing-wise, and I've come up with what seems to be a reasonable list. What I have to do now is keep myself focused. Which means I need to work every day on some part of my writing, whether it's actual words written, covers designed, editing, formatting. Whatever needs to be done.

There was a good post on Dean Wesley Smith's blog the other day that got my attention, and made me think about stuff. This was part four of a series he's done, and they are a fantastic read.

After some serious thought, here's what I'd like to get done in 2013:

New Fiction

  • one short story a month
  • 3 novels: at least one of the series following Bound in Amber (which I call in my head "the books of the spell bound"); my SF novel, Landfall; the apocalyptic/post apocalyptic When Goliath Fell


  • my doll repair/dressing books: there are two, for two different dolls, one of which is partially done
  • compile short stories into collections
  • make a boxed set of the Spell Bound series
  • edit the novel my sister's MIL wrote
  • get ebooks in print
Of course, if I can get more done, I will, but this seems like a doable list. I had way too much in mind for this year, and I've felt really down on myself for not getting more done.

Posting the list here will give me some accountability. I'm thinking if anything has to go, I won't do so many short stories, but I hope to get my butt in gear and finish this list. I've been at this for about eighteen months, and it's time to get serious.

So, there you have it, Gentle Readers. My great plans for world domination. Reminds me of that Pinky and the Brain cartoon. snort  Take care and ring in the new year safely and lots of silly hats and noisemakers.