Boy, was my face red!

And no one was around to see it! HA! Of course, I have no shame and just had to come tell you all about it.

As you may remember, when last we met I was finalizing the formatting for the print version of my novel (aka the new baby, linked to the left <-----). I think I've got the font and size the way I want it, and the layout of the chapter headings looks good.

I've been going over the whole thing looking for uneven pages, typos, too much hyphenation, etc. Not any easy task, and very tiring for these old peepers, let me tell you. But I digress. On to my uh oh moment...

I was reading over one paragraph, and it just didn't look right. I sat back, thought a minute, then read it again. Ah. Hmmm. Crap.

I had become a misuser of your and you're. I know you can't believe it. I couldn't either. And in the same paragraph, consecutive sentences, at that!

Oh, the shame. The humiliation.

Yeah, I need to get over myself. Is there a twelve step program for writers who think they are above common grammatical mistakes?

I've fixed this problem, and you can bet my eagle eye is focused on finding other errors. Time for another pass-through on ye olde manuscript.

 On a side note, Kris Rusch has another great installment in her series about estate planning for writing, you should go check it out.

Well, until next time, Gentle Readers. Take care and prepare, for the tax man cometh!