Do you ever wonder how to find books you'd like to read?

With the vast amounts of books being published everyday, it can be a daunting task to find something new that strikes your fancy. Worry no more! There's a new site having it's official launch this weekend -- great timing, since we seem to have survived the galactic alignment -- that should help.

Book Matchers was the brainchild of writer Victorine Lieske, who posted on the Writer's Cafe about how she wished there was a place she could enter search terms and be matched with a book, or books, that met her criteria.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, fellow board member Steven Drennon thought so. He spent about a month coming up with a site that readers could search for their favorite types of book, fiction and non-fiction, and with input from other forum members, he got a site up and running.

There are more than 500 books of all types listed so far, and the number is growing. I even have my novel, Bound in Amber, there with the rest of my stories to follow. woot woot

By selecting genre, sub-genre, and other descriptive criteria from drop down menus, readers can get a list of books on the site, weighted to match their choices.Each book has a page, with information about the book, and where to buy.Site users can also browse by category, if a reader is so inclined.

There's still plenty of room for more books, so you indie/self-pubbed/small press authors get yourself over there and sign up to list your work. Joining and listing books is free.

Oh, and I just want to point out that this isn't another find a free book site. There are plenty of those already out there. The books here are for sale, though the authors may be running specials at any given time.

So, that's all for now, Gentle Readers. Keep calm and read a book. Or several.