I haven't raised the price yet!

If anybody wanted the book (aka My Baby), but thought you missed the low promotion price, good news! I've been busy formatting for the print version--and I won't talk about that right now, because I ran out of bad words--so I haven't gotten around to changing the price. The book is at it's regular price now on Smashwords.

I need to fix the description, and a couple of formatting glitches when I change the price (it will be 2.99), but that will take a couple of days at least to go through Amazon's system. 

Everybody had fun participating in the witchy books promotion. There were some nice prizes given away. I hope we can do this next year--and that I'm better prepared. Of course, by then my mama will be done with her chemo, so I'll have one less worry to distract me from writing.

Once I've got the print version correctly formatted, it will go through Create Space and will be for sale at Amazon (they're like sister companies). I hope to have that all done before the end of the month, and before Thanksgiving if possible. Though I might need a thesaurus to expand my vocabulary.

Ta for now, Gentle Readers. If you're under daylight savings time, remember to set your clocks back Sunday, because I know you don't want to be late for work Monday.