One computer crash later...

So, it finally happened.

Yep. My computer died. Well, actually something on the motherboard died, and I couldn't boot up. Luckily for me, my sons are computer nerds--and I mean that as a compliment, really--and they worked on the problem for me.

At first we thought it was just some bad capacitors, but after replacing them the drive still wouldn't come on, so Number One took the motherboard to his friend and they tried several things, including a new powersupply, but nothing worked.

So my dear boy bought me a second-hand drive, which also has a graphics card, and I am back in business. Sort of. We still need to transfer over the stuff from my harddrive, which fortunately was not affected by the crash/burnout/whatever-the-heck-happened.

Hooray! All my great literature that the world was slavering for is saved! snort

And I know what you're thinking:  Oh, no! How I'd hoped that woman couldn't keep up her soul-wrenching posting schedule from July! Well, the joke's on you, because I'M BA-ACK! ::::insert evil horror movie laugh::::

One good thing about being without my computer was the amount of other things that got done. Like that pile of sewing that's been sitting around for months. It's all done except for one pair of pants to repair for Number One. I fixed some shirts for SecondofThree, and my father has five work shirts that were long-sleeved but are now a more comfortable short sleeve version.

I still have some ideas and prototype patterns for some clothes I want to sew for myself--I've become infatuated with a sort of Bohemian/urban prairie/Victorian grunge style lately--but that's gone back to the to-do pile for now as I have writerly things to catch up on.

Well, that's all for now, Gentle Readers. Take care and remember to backup your data.