Saying goodbye to Sheriff Andy...

It's a sad day in North Carolina following the death of one of our beloved native sons, Andy Griffith, who passed away yesterday.

I've been watching a memorial show put on by our local Channel 2, WFMY, and thinking back on my memories of this great man. He was talented in so many ways, but he was probably best known as Andy Taylor, the single dad sheriff of a make-believe Southern town, Mayberry.

A funny story that I have to share is about when I was in the US Air Force low these many years ago, and people used to ask me if living in NC was like it was on the show. I'd tell them, yeah, pretty much.

Oh, we didn't have the exact characters that many came to know and love, but we had our own versions. And the feeling of living in a small town, where everybody knew your family (and reported on you to your parents), where you were looked after and cared about, was definitely the same.

One thing I took from the Andy Griffith Show was the calm, loving, stable home life that the family shared. Sure, they had their ups and downs, but they loved and supported and accepted each other. 

One of the funniest movies I ever saw was "Make Room for Sergeants", where Andy had the starring role. I laughed so hard the first time I saw that movie!

It's nice to see that a person you admired for many years was as good and kind as his or her persona, and you definitely got that with Andy Griffith. 

So there you have my tribute to Andy, Gentle Readers. If you can, watch an episode or several.