I fail at social networking.

I read so much about how tweeting/retweeting and posting on Facebook will help sell not only my writing, but myself as an author. And I agree, if done correctly it probably would.

The thing is, I just don't get this whole thing. I don't care what people say or do at any point of the day--whether they're famous or not--and I'm sure they feel the same way about me. I'm so boring, it's pathetic. I should have a support group or something.

It's not even that I couldn't come up with something to say, and make it sound sort of interesting, but by the time I think, "Hey, Self, you should totally go tweet that!" I've been distracted by something else and the thought doesn't even cross my mind until I forgot whatever it was I wanted to say.

Oh, well. Maybe if I keep working at it I'll get the hang of these new-fangled ways.

On the writing front, I have once again entered my books in the Smashwords annual summer sale. Or the winter sale, depending on which hemisphere you're standing. You can access my page by clicking on the link in the sidebar.

There you have it Gentle Readers, my third post for the month. If I keep this up, I may have to give up the title of the World's Worst Blogger. Take care and summer on.