News about Mama, and just me stuff...

Hello, from the world's worst blogger! HA! Okay, so I'm probably not the worst, but my posting frequency sure leaves something to be desired. In my own defense, I will say that I was sick all week (again).

It seems I had some infection in my sinuses that just had to come out, which resulted in swollen lymph glands, sore throat, fever and just general yucky feelings. Between the pain, not sleeping and not eating, it was pretty rough.

But, I am on the mend, so... hooray! My mother will be happy, because I've been hidden away in my little cave since the last thing she needs right now is to be sick like that. It would probably put her in the hospital, and I certainly don't want that. She has enough going on with the chemo.

Mama has now lost all of her gorgeous, thick, salt and pepper hair. It went quick, in about a week, beginning shortly after her second round of chemo. I'd meant to get a picture before it was all gone, but with one thing or another didn't manage it before she was bald.

A friend of Sis2, who had fought her own battle with breast cancer, gave Mama some turbans and caps to wear, and my father brought home some of those caps like food workers wear, which helped contain the massive amounts of shedding hair--I mentioned she had thick hair, right? Yeah, really thick.

Those are fine for when she's at home, but Mama had been wanting a wig for going out in. Though she really rocks those turbans. Seriously. So about a week before I got sick, we went to the local Hospice's thrift store, where Mama had seen some wigs before. We like to support Hospice whenever we can, as we've had family members and friends get good care through the organization.

We hit the motherload that day, let me tell you--all kinds of nice-looking, well cared for, quality wigs for the whopping big price of $15. Including the wig stand.

So that's where I've been lately. I did have enough energy at the first of the week to redo my novel's cover, and I decided to go with my alternate title. I'll have more details about the book later, with a cover shot and a blurb--also called the back cover copy.

Take care, Gentle Readers. Until next we meet.