Updates on my mom and stuff...

So Mama had her first chemo treatment yesterday, and she's doing pretty good so far--no nausea or anything. I took her today to get a shot to help rebuild her white cell count, and we hit the local Goodwill (nothing exciting to report there, though).

I do need to get a picture of the huge Pyrex mix and pour bowl I got back in, I think, February. Those days are kind of lost to me because I was fighting that horrible upper respiratory infection, his cousin, the second upper respiratory infection, and their neighbor, the full-blown head cold. Arrggh!

Anyway, Mama and Sis1 wanted to go to the Doll Market in Greensboro, but they moved to another city a few miles up the road. Yay! Road trip!

After we stopped and looked at the cute dolls (there's another long story stuck in the middle of this--remind me to tell you that one later), and doll-related things, we decided to hit a couple of local thrift stores on the way home.

At one of these shops, I saw a familiar shape--the pouring spouts, the oh-so-70s brown color, which my ex-DH would have adored, as brown is his favorite color! And that's another long story, which I may or may not tell you someday.

So I dig this tremendously large bowl out from under some dented metal baking stuff, and checked it over. Perfect shape, but no price. Well, that's not usually good, but I ambled over to the cashier and asked. What's the worst that could happen, right?

I stayed very calm when he looked at the bowl and said $3. Three dollars! Are you kidding me? Deep breath. Deep breath. All I said was okay, that sounds good, and went to look around the rest of the store. It doesn't pay to let your excitement show. Besides, I save all that for you guys. wink wink nudge nudge

We ended up buying some cute baby clothes (for our dolls, there's no babies coming along in our family any time soon), and we all left happy. Well, I was very happy, but I'm just weird that way. Ooohh, Pyrex. Drool.

I need some batteries for my camera, but as soon as I can I'll get some photos up, especially one that shows how big this bad girl is. 'Cause I know y'all are just dying to see my latest Pyrex fix. snort!

Now that I've bored everyone to death with my thrift store escapades, let's talk about the BOOK! I'm still editing, but making good progress. I'm going chapter by chapter now, filling in details, taking out details, smoothing scene transitions, and figuring how the chapters look.

With any luck, it will be ready to publish by the end of the month. Although I should say, it will be published by then, because I have an editing job that has to be done by July, so I've got to get going.

And on that note, I will leave you Gentle Readers. Take care, and remember:  Summer's coming!