Gosh, is it 2012 already?

It seems like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to 2010, and now a whole new year stretches before us. For the last couple of years I've done a little thing inspired by the scrapbooking hobby, called One Little Word.

Well, truthfully I only do part of it, since I don't really document it throughout the year. I need to work on that part, but I am motivated by my word to work on things in my life.

Last year, I chose the word "success", and I feel that overall I had a successful year. I have written and published several short stories, as well as a collection of five holiday-themed stories, and had a good amount of sales.

The word for this year is "completion". I have so many projects that are in various stages! It's unreal. So after much thought, I've decided to work on completing things, whether it's writing, crafts, business or home-related.

I have also worked out a publishing goal for the year:

4 novels
12 short stories/novellas
the doll repair/dressing book
the novel I'm editing for my sister (it's her late MIL's work)

If I can do more, I will, but I feel this is a reasonable goal in regards to my chosen word, and my work-load in other areas. I have probably half of each item done, it's just languishing on my hard drive.

My sister wants us to work on growing our wedding officiant business, and that will take up a considerable amount of time, as does my crafting business. I hope that having more of a plan will let me focus on the things that need to be done, rather than flitting from one to the other.

So there you have it, Gentle Readers. Keep on keeping on, and remember to be happy.