Do you want the good news, or...

Oh, the good news first, if you insist. I woke up Thursday and discovered that I was apparently going to survive this damned upper respiratory infection. Yay! Man, this thing had me on my butt for a week. I spent a lot of time moaning, coughing, sleeping, and blowing my nose.

Did I mention the moaning? Oh, well. Anyway, I'm feeling much better, and can face the thought that my novel is now way, way behind. I've had one of those life things Dean Wesley Smith blogged about a while back, what with having a month-long migraine festival in December, with added teen-boy drama, the holidays, and then this mucus horror.

:::: note to Self:  mucus horror... hmmm... ::::

Well, on the other good news front, I got my sweet little iPod back yesterday, which had been sent in for a battery replacement. Except it wasn't exactly the same one I sent in, it was a new generation one. Holy cow. This girl is one happy Apple slave customer! That thing has FM radio on it! Seriously.

Now, we all know that in every life a little rain must fall. Though sometimes it seems like a lot of rain.Yep. The bad news.

My crazy little cat, Shadow, was found dead yesterday--he'd been hit by a car--on the road in front of our house. That totally scrapes the bottom of the suckage barrel.

Shadow was a feral rescue that I got from someone I used to work with, about five years ago. He was left at her house, along with two brothers, by his kitty momma, and I just fell for his furry little self.

My sons want to pack up his things, but I just can't do it yet. I woke up this morning, went by his usual spot on the kitchen island and reached to rub his head before I remembered. Damn.

I guess we'll look for another at the animal shelter, but not too soon. I'm kind of thinking about getting a little rat terrier to tackle the field mice that Shadow used to frighten away, and another dog might be good for my Aussie, Smokey Joe.

Right now I hear some suspicious rustling under the sink, and I've got to go buy some mouse traps.

So, Gentle Readers, I will leave you on that sad note, and hide my tears away. I need to take some of my medicine, and try to get a little work done on my book. Keep on and hug your fur babies.