My collection is up on a short story blog.

Alain Gomez has been putting up short stories/collections on her blog, and Monday was my turn.

So, go check it out:

Of course, I missed posting about it earlier, due to a bitchin' migraine that's made looking at a computer screen for very long a less-than-pleasant experience. Not to mention how far behind I am in, well, everything.  

Don't forget to read the previous posts while you're there, you might just find a great read or two, or several.

I'm also going to be on the Red Adept Review blog on the 23rd. I'm a bit nervous about being reviewed--that old self-confidence thing, you know. I hope I don't get panned. Gee, now I've made myself more nervous! aaaarrrggghhh

Both of these events are part of me getting myself out into the promotion part of writing. I need to get my work noticed, which will help sales, and getting reviews will help my writing. It's tough to put yourself out there, but it must be done, or I might as well keep my stories on the hard drive.

So, shameless self-plug completed, I'll leave you for now, Gentle Readers. Take care and jingle on.