I've been a bad blogger again!

As much as it may seem as if I've fallen down an abandoned well, I'm actually still above ground. I hear that sigh of relief! Well, it better be a sigh of relief. snort

It's just been a crazy busy few weeks, what with writing and doing the craft business, and the usual mom stuff. I even went to the grocery store today. I know. I'm awesome that way. Or hungry. But still awesome.

I'm making progress on the novel, just not as fast as I'd like. Or as fast as I should be doing, since once I put my butt in the chair and start typing, as I can get that old word count up pretty good. I did 4,000 words in about three hours Saturday.

Now I just have to motivate myself to do that every day. arrgh

Any old way, I'm chugging along. If I snap a whip at myself, the book will be done and out by Christmas. Of course, there's still no cover, but I have a fairly good idea, if I can find the image I want to use.

Until next time, Gentle Readers, watch out for rampaging reindeer.