Whew! Had to come up for air...

I've been working on some stories for my holiday collection, wrote one on Tuesday, one on Wednesday and now one (almost done) for today to add to the title story I did a while back. So far, it's a little over 8,000 words.

Once I'm ready to publish the collection, I'll post more details about it, show the cover and give a list of the stories that are included. I'd like to have at least five stories, with the collection to be sold for $2.99. That's the plan, anyway.

I'm feeling really good about how the collection is coming along, and hope to have it ready to publish next month. I might shoot for the 7th, as that is Sis#1's birthday.

It's nice to be writing again, after spending so much time crafting and getting ready for the show I did with Sis#2. We've now set up a booth in a local antiques and collectible mall, so we have a place to put our things that aren't really suitable for most craft shows. I'll have more about that on my crafting blog, with some pictures once I can get back there and take them.

Well, off to get dinner on the table. For some reason my boys seem to expect to eat. Until next time, Gentle Readers.