putting the "ick" in i-cyc-le

Well, I'm just so excited, I'm making bad puns. But I've finished the fifth story in my upcoming holiday collection, and I'm just about to burst with joy.

JOY!      JOY!      JOY!     

Sorry, some got out anyway. Pardon me while I clean up a bit...Okay, I'm back.

I had been worrying that I hadn't gotten an idea yet for the last story, but my little brain was churning away in the background, working on it. I was finishing up the fourth story, which I should mention has given me some scary dreams the last few days, and asking myself, "Self, what are you going to do about that last story?"

I realized I'd been humming while I typed, and one song in particular struck me. I stopped typing and just let the words flow through my head. Oh, yeah. That's the ticket! I just love it when that happens.

I finished #4 and went immediately to #5. I already have a cover in mind, so I need to do an introduction, a table of contents that links to everything, and look at the blurbs for each story.

The publication date is set for November 7, which is Sis#1's birthday. I was looking at some of the projects on my list, and had the thought to publish a major work on the significant days in my family.

So over the next year, everybody is going to get something on their birthday. Whether they want it or not. snort

I'll post some more details about the collection in a day or so, once I get the last minute things done. I'll pop the cover up, and the story list and blurbs.

Oh, and before I go, I had a really nice comment left on ye olde blog the other day, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate it.

So, until next time, Gentle Readers, keep the lights on.