words words words!

Well, it's been a good day writing so far. I've been energized by both my own schedule, and by the sales of my short stories. I just had a sale reported on Smashwords through the Apple store, to a buyer in Great Britain. And I had my first Amazon sale in the UK as well. It's pretty exciting to sell some where other than in America, I'll tell you!

My Author Central pages for the UK, France and Germany are now up, also. Amazon uses the same format for all stores, so it was pretty easy to do. So now all the non-US people who stumble upon anything of mine can check the page out to see all the work published so far. I just love the Internet!

I've been working on a collection of shorts with a holiday theme, after reading a post a while back on the Kindle Boards by Franklin Eddy about doing such a collection. I now have two completed, with an idea for another. I'd like to get two more stories after that, for a total of five. The holiday is Christmas, with the stories centering around Santa Claus and that mythos.

I've got just over 5100 words so far, it could be as many as 15,000 words, depending on how the writing and edits go. I need to figure out what to do for a cover, make sure everything is edited as well as possible, and get it uploaded

I'd like to get this collection out, and finish up a novel (first in a possible series) and get it done by the holiday shopping season. With all the excitement about the new Kindles, with their new prices, this should be a great time for us self-publishers/indie writers.

Well, I'm off to burn up the keyboard on story #3, so until next time, Gentle Readers.