back to writing for a bit

I sat down last night and got 500 words done before I crashed again. The craft show was Saturday, and yesterday I had to rest a lot. Boy, my legs were cramping! I'd meant to sit down more, but we were so busy I didn't get much of a chance.

I've been catching up on the forums I visit, and getting my blogs updated, and today I absolutely must get to the grocery store. I don't think my boys would be happy with our empty cupboards, much less an empty belly!

My sister and I are looking at taking a booth at the local hospice organization's annual car show at the end of the month. Don't know if her work schedule will allow it, but there's always shows in November and December. I've got enough inventory, plus some partially done stuff, that I think I'll be okay if we do the show. There will be more information on my other blog whatever we decide.

We've also started a shop on, which currently has nothing listed, because I couldn't manage to get anything up, what with preparing for the show and trying to write. I'm pretty amazing, but Wonder Woman I ain't. Don't everybody faint at once, and if you tell on me, I'll deny it!

On the writing front, I'm behind on editing the short stories that are finished, and the novella/novelette. I've got the beginnings of a holiday collection of shorts I want to get out by the end of October, and the first novel in a series about a witch family that I hope to get out in November. My SF novel is chugging along slowly, maybe I'll be able to get it done by the first of the year.

In addition to all this, there's still the editing job for my other sister, and a collaboration we'd like to work on at some point, Whew!Thank goodness for day planners.

Well, that's it for today, Gentle Readers. I must finish combing my hair to I can hit the shower and get on with the day. My shopping cart awaits...