Well, at least the front matter looks good.

I have uploaded four of my short stories to Amazon through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) so far, only one to format now. It wasn't nearly as hard as I'd feared it would be. I even have that lovely Look Inside feature!

The only problem is, the preview -- and the sample -- only go to the end of the front matter. Yikes. So, I've been working on my template to rearrange some of the information so it goes at the end of the story.

It probably would be okay for novels, since you get more of a sample, percentage-wise, but I want people to see some of the actual story, instead of only having my blurb to go by. I don't know if I should republish the stories using the new template, but I probably will at some point.    

On that note, as of this morning I have two sales, bringing my total royalty to 70 cents. I'm so grateful to whoever bought the story (both sales for the same one), and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Well, must be off to cause more havoc in the world of words, Gentle Readers. Take care and have a good week.