I'm published on Amazon at last.

I've been working on getting my short stories up at Amazon this week. This is my author central page -- if all four books aren't listed, click on the "see all books" link and all four stories are there. That fifth book, though, I have no idea why that's there, but if you like it, I'm sure the authors will love for you to buy it!

I have four short stories up now, with one more to work on. I took the novellete/short story combo and split it up, rewriting the short piece to flesh it out and published them separately.

The formatting wasn't too bad, despite my fears -- and hey, anybody that can upload to Smashwords can do KDP. Seriously. I went over the Word doc, checking for typos and other stupid stuff, again, saved it as Web page, filtered and put it through MobiPocket Creator.

They look pretty good, and it's wonderful having them up. In fact, I've  sold one. Yup. For real money. I know! It's freaking awesome. I'm already planning on how to spend that .35. Of course, I'll have to sell another $9.65 before I see that royalty, but hey, can't a girl dream?

Well, off to work, Gentle Readers. Have a glorious day.