Smashwords summer/winter sale!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm participating in the sale over at Smashwords. For the month of July both of the short stories I have there are free.

Yes, that's right--you can download the stories for free (they're usually $0.99 each)!

The links to the left go directly to each story's page, just click on the cover. Then use the code SSWSF at checkout.

The anthology is of course not included in this sale (for one thing, it's on Amazon, and for another, it's not my anthology, I'm just one of the included authors).  

There are lots of authors participating in the sale, with prices ranging from free to 75% off cover price. To get to the sales, on the Smashwords home page click on the link on the left. Each book/story has its own coupon code, depending on the discounted price.

I hope you go check it out, and find something good to read!

Have a sparkling good Independence Day, and stay safe, Gentle Readers.