new Smashwords stories

I've uploaded two more stories to Smashwords, although these aren't free. Sorry. These were next up on my list to publish, it just turns out it happened during the sale--which is still on-going, if you haven't checked it out.

The first, "Teacher's Pet", is a tale about a third grade teacher and the problems she has with the class pet. This is selling for $0.99.

It was written in response to a prompt on the Absolute Write horror forum. There's a link to the site on the right side bar, if you want to check it out. They have a wonderful community of writers there.

The second story is actually two in one. The first is a novelette (6,850 words) about what happens when a down-on-his-luck newspaper man gets the job of his dreams. You know what they say: if something is too good to be true...

The second part is a very short story (1,400 words) about a family that finds an unusual pet on their way home from an outing.

I put these two together because they have the same sort of vaguely Lovecraft vibe, and also because I didn't feel right charging separately for such a short work. A little over 8,000 words for both, for $1.99. (Either linked picture takes you to the same page.)

So, there you are. Hope you all had a lovely Independence Day!

Until next time, Gentle Readers.