Operation Ebook Drop

I just recently joined a fantastic organization called Operation Ebook Drop, which allows authors to send coupons from Smashwords to our members serving overseas so they can download free books. To find out more, follow the link to the group's website.

I put up all four of my short stories so far, and they are being downloaded. I'm proud to be doing this little thing to brighten the day of our men and women in uniform. I was in the US Air Force myself, many moons ago, and I have a special place in my heart for the military.

I've been thinking recently -- I know, I know, too dangerous -- about rejoining the group I used to be in that makes cards for our service members to send home. Many of the military serve in places where there aren't many choices for things to buy, so this gives them a chance to have handmade cards to send for birthdays, holidays, or just general reasons.

It's been a while since I've made any cards for this group, but I've never forgotten the people who do this, at their own expense, to help our guys and gals in uniform.

The group is on the Cricut message board here:  Cards for Soldiers.  There are other groups around the Internet that does cards like this, one I've recently found is called Operation Write Home. Check them out for more information.

If you haven't heard of it, the Cricut is a die cutting machine that uses cartridges with pre-loaded images and fonts to cut paper and cardstock, which can be used on scrapbook pages, cards, and various other items, like home decor. There are other brands of cutting machines that do much the same things.

Well, enough chattering for today, got crafty stuff to do, and I haven't gotten any writing done on my novel, or any of the shorts I have hanging around.

So, until later, Gentle Readers. Take care.