New story up on Smashwords.

I've just uploaded my second short story on Smashwords. It's a science fiction story about a scientific study gone wrong, and is selling for $0.99.

If you don't know how Smashword works, it's a neat site full of books and shorter works of all types. You can download samples to see if you like the work before you buy, and there is lots of free stuff.

In other news, I had the gauge on my pressure canner checked this afternoon, and it is only about two pounds off, which is much better than I expected. The Agricultural Extension office in Burlington is great, all kinds of information to be had.

I've also paid for the class I'm taking in July, on canning green beans. I can't wait--learning to grow and preserve food for my family is a long-time goal of mine.

Well, enough about me for now! I've got more writing to do, plus editing, cover designing, housework (argh!) and stuff.

Until next time, Gentle Readers, take care.