Busy, busy, busy.

I'm trying some new software that will update my twitter and facebook from my blog posts. I hope it works, it will save me a few tasks (and I forget to tweet or post on fb half the time, anyway).

I was busy for a couple of days gathering stuff and helping my sister have a yard sale. It was a major dud--hardly anybody showed up. I made $5, and promptly spent $3 of it for a long coat rack with pegs and a nifty pineapple decoration!

Today I have been working on my novel, getting about 1,000 words done, bringing my total words I'm happy with to 6731. I've saved all the deleted scenes (about 2,000 words) so I can add some of it back at appropriate points in the story if it's needed.

I also spent some time putting in blank chapters with the major scenes sorted in so that the thing pretty much matches my original outline. Now all I have to do is click on the correct chapter and write whatever scene I have worked out in my head. Easy-peasy!

I love that I can do that in yWriter, because typing this thing in Word was getting crazy. Word is fine for my short stories, but the way I write novels works out better with yWriter.

Well, that's enough for today--maybe I'll get another writing session in before dinner.

Until next time, Gentle Readers.