A good day on the writing front.

So, I've been busy! Yesterday I wrote 3,000 words in my novel (currently titled Landfall), wrote a short story of about 1,000 words, and edited another short, adding about 300 words to that.

Total word count for Tuesday: 4,300. Now, that's a good day's writing! And, man did my hands ache.

I was really happy to get some good writing done on my novel, as I'd been kind of stuck on it lately. To get going I went back to yWriter and just started on a couple of scenes that had been vivid in my head. And it worked. Yay!

The new story I wrote came to me while I was washing dishes last night, pretty much complete from beginning to end. I love it when that happens, although it is kind of spooky--like I'm channeling some departed writer.

Oh, and the story I edited I also put up on Smashwords. I figured I'd try self publishing and see if anybody liked it. I've got some more short stories that I'm working on, and when they are finished and polished, they'll go up as well, hopefully within the week.

I'll put a link up for the Smashwords story in my next post. Or maybe I need a gadget on the side bar. Hmmm. Need to do teh google!

Well, so long until next time, Gentle Readers.