So, I didn't win.

The short story that I had entered into the PARSEC contest didn't win. It did make it to the second round, so I'm not too disappointed. Not too bad for a story that I knocked out in less than four hours from concept to last line!

So, out of the two stories that I've submitted so far, I've got one published and one rejected. There's still loads of stuff left to write and shop around! In fact, I've got one short story in final edit, and two more partially written.

Not to mention the novels in progress, and the non-fiction doll book--in fact, I've got a new doll from ebay to photograph, clean and repair, then draw patterns for, which will be a second book.

My idea folder is crammed full, and ideas keep coming!

On the non-writing front, I've been cleaning and sorting out my craft building, trying to get to the point where I can start scrapping again, and I'll need the space to do my sewing for the doll books.

Happy Father's Day to the dads of every stripe out there! I'm going to make some scrapbook pages for my parents' book today. I found some cute pictures of my youngest (Sk8monkey) with his "paw paw" while organizing, so that's what I'll work on.

Well, until next time, Gentle Readers.