What I did today.

I did not write today, instead I went with one of my sisters and Mother Dear to a few estate sales and yard sales. Got some nifty stuff, including two new Pyrex bowls and a pressure canner.

I've been wanting a canner for a long time, but no way was I going to pay upwards of $100 for a new one. So, this morning I found an old Sears canner, circa 1974, complete and in really good shape, for $30. Yeee-hawww!

The instruction book was with it, which is cool, but I know I can't use the times and pressure info due to changes in canning technology. This thing weighs a ton, too. 

The wire thing on top is a jar lifter, and the brown-wrapped thing in the zippie bag is the pressure regulator. The seal looks brand new, so all it needs is a good cleaning, a proper canning chart, and something to can. I'm so happy.

Have I ever mentioned that I have a passion for old Pyrex? Well, I do. I love this stuff! It's all I use in the microwave, and I have pans to use in the oven for various baking jobs.

Today I found a nifty large bowl with 70s flowers that matches a small bowl I've had for a while. It's avocado green and really cute. I also found a large mix and pour bowl that is a shimmery almost teal color with gold decorations.

So, there you have it -- a fun day out with my family, and some cool bargains to boot. And I even went to the grocery store! Damn, I'm good. ha ha

Until next time, dear Readers. Take care and have some fun.