news from the trenches

So, I recently took Sk8monkey shopping for his prom tux. Wow, when did he grow up? It was a fun experience, I'll admit. We went with his girlfriend and her mom, and matched the boy's vest to the colors in her gown.

In other news, I've decided to try to write and publish my fiction again, and I'm using this wonderful free software called yWriter. I'm just getting the hang of how the different elements work, so not much progress so far (yea, I'm barely above Luddite level, but I'm trying!), but I've got the basics of the story down. More on that later. Previously I've just written out my stuff in Word, but the features of the program allow me to break things up and organize it so I can add or change anything I need to.

Also, in an effort to have quick news updates regarding the writing, I've gotten a Twitter and Facebook account set up, so lots to learn there! Well, off to work, check back soon for more information about me and my writing career. snort