Well, look-ee here, another six months without a single post. I wonder if I am the worst blogger in the world? Nah, probably not.

So, same old, same old. Still working on my kitchen, although the end is in sight!! Cue angelic chorus! Cue dancers circling in wild abandon! Of course, now that the cabinets and walls are nearly done, I find I don't like my tile floor anymore. Egads, this is crazy time. No, I will not rip it out and re-do. No. No. NO.

On the personal front, I am still looking for "real" work, aka paid employment, but I feel at this point that I have become one of those people who are considered unemployable--too old, too sick, too unskilled. Oh well, the good news is, that in a month I'll only have 9 years until early retirement!

Sk8monkey, Second-of-Three and #1 Son are all doing well--Sk8monkey will get his full driver's license in April (gasp, choke, gag); Second-of-Three is starting college again soon, and #1 Son has his bachelor's degree (cum laude, ya'll) and will hopefully be working at his skill level soon.

Mama had knee replacement surgery in early December, and is healing nicely, although frustrated at being basically home-bound for another few weeks. Daddy is great, coming up on his 81st birthday and still working full time. Don't know why I didn't get those good genes.

Well, enough boring-I-don't-even-know-these-people family news. Talk at 'cha later!

Blessed be.