and that's the way it is . . .

Well, I've been lame in blogging for a while now, and it's a shame that the death of a journalism icon is what brought me out. I've been following the coverage of the death of Walter Cronkite this evening while cooking dinner.

I remember watching "Uncle Walter" during my childhood--it was the only national news my father watched. It was seeing how Mr. Cronkite covered the Viet Nam war that changed my father's harsh views of the young men (my generation) who were protesting the war and going to Canada to avoid it. His reporting and anchoring of many of our history's great and often sorrowful events influenced this nation and her people. He was a true journalist and a decent human being.

I've been crying, and I never actually met the man, but I feel as if I've lost a family member, which is a feeling apparently felt by many others, judging by the coverage on MSNBC.

So, goodnight, Uncle Walter. I'll miss you.