scrapbook pages for my parents

For mother's day, I made two more layouts for the scrapbook I gave my parents. They don't want anything bought, so I started to scrap for them.

The first page is of my dog, who got cancer and had to be put to sleep on December 15, 2008 (which was coincidentally the anniversary of my grandmother's death 31 years ago. The tag reads: Our "big baby girl" aka the best dog ever. Gone to the Rainbow Bridge on 12-15-2008, age approximately 15 years.

Niala was a great dog, loved my youngest son like he was her own--always watching out for him when he was outside playing. A kinder, gentler dog you will never see. We rescued her in 2000 from a friend of my sister's whose husband fell apart when they split up. We think she was about 8 years old then (poor baby, this was her second rescue).

The second picture is from my sister's wedding. Surprisingly, my father actually wore a suit and gave her away. Quite a change from his usual Dickies! Sk8monkey was the ringbearer, he was about seven years old. The other picture on the bottom is my dear mother. She hates having her picture taken, can you tell?

My sister and her new hubby were lighting their unity candle. He was crying and she was laughing, which is what she does when she gets nervous.

I wish I'd gotten better pictures. It was before the digital camera came into my life, although I still take pretty bad pictures.

Till next time, Blessed Be.