Ode to forsythia

I just love forsythia--or as Mamma calls it, yellow bells. This is a shot I took last week of my young but growing bush. Being in the northern part of my county, our plants are often behind other areas in blooming, so I still have flowers when many others have leafed out.

I'm trying to take my camera out and get more photos. I don't have many pictures at all of my childhood or even my own children. We've never taken many pictures, either because we didn't have a camera at the time, or laziness when we did.

I spent a couple of hours looking through my old magnetic albums the other day. I know, it seems archaic now but they were the thing way back when! I took out all my pics and bits of memorabilia and put it away in one of those big zipper bags until I get around to making new scrapbooks.

One thing I regret is not putting more info about the subjects of the pictures. I guess I never thought I'd forget who all those important people were. I have one picture, for example, where I wrote the guy's name down, but I can't remember the circumstances surrounding him or the picture! I could blame it on getting old, I guess.