Spring in my step

I have been enjoying the spring weather lately, lots of sun, a little breeze, and not too warm or humid. I should say I hate it when it gets humid, which means the summers here are horrid. Now, I'm a native NC girl, and I have to say of the places I've lived, here is best. OK, maybe I like Arizona, too, and it's not just because my two oldest boys were born in Tucson. {Hint: no humidity.}

The turn of the season has gotten me into a creative mood also. And even my crappy carpal-tunnel-and-arthritis-ridden hands can't keep me down. I've been going gang-busters on my cards for the Cards for Soldiers challenge this month, I'm actually ahead for once!I'll post some in a bit.

I hope this weather holds long enough for me to clear out my craft building--yes, an entire building just for my craftyness, I'm so lucky! My brother, with some help from Daddy, my boys and me, built it a couple of years ago from a kit. It's 16 x 16 feet, but I wish I'd gotten a larger size. By the time I put all my stuff in, it's pretty crowded. But, I can always add on!

I need to get stuff out and sorted, get more shelving up, and rearrange everything. I'm putting my scrapping corner in the front next to the door, to the right as I go in. Then on that side next will be my sewing/beading/embroidery stuff. On the opposite side will be dollhouses, dolls and bears. And somewhere amongst all that I must fit in a small painting supplies area. I keep thinking I need to weed out one interest, but I love to do all of these things!

I think I'll go out and sit in the sun with the cat and the dog.