Family squabbles

I haven't blogged in a couple of days because my aunt died and with the funeral and the usual family mess, I just haven't felt up to it.

Can I just say one thing? People, make a will and pick somebody to take care of your stuff! And make sure your family knows who that is, and where all your important documents are. What a lot of grief that would save, especially when nobody feels like dealing with legal crap. Or doesn't trust anybody else to do it. And having a will won't make you die quicker.

I'm going to take my own advice and write everything down, and give a copy to several close relatives. It's not that I own a lot of stuff, I don't, but my youngest son is still a minor and I want things arranged for him. I don't want people fighting over things after I'm gone, mainly 'cause I'm not going to come back and bash people's heads together if they act up! Maybe in the next reincarnation.

So, the funeral was Thursday, a simple graveside service. It was nice, but man was it cold. Cold and windy. The soloist was good, she had a lovely voice.

Bye, Aunt Betty.