Only a week until Thanksgiving, and I'm already drooling.

For us Americans, that is. Our Canadian friends have had their day already (and I hope it was a good one).

I've been thinking about the menu for the Guthrie clan, and I think I'll just keep to our usual fare--roast turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and macaroni and cheese. Oh, and homemade cranberry sauce. Can not forget that. Most important part, next to the old bird.

Sk8monkey loves mac 'n' cheese! When he was a toddler, that was pretty much all he ate, except for peas and peanut butter crackers. Gosh, I'm glad he got over that. It's much easier to cook when everybody eats the same things.

I like to make everything myself, but I will use the turkey gravy from Aldi, as it's the best I've come across. I adapted a stuffing/dressing recipe from a cookbook to make it lower carb, but I put some extra ingredients in it which kind of defeats the purpose. The boys like it, and I love it.

Speaking of Sk8monkey, he wants apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert, so we'll have that, and maybe a sweet potato pie also. I just love me some sweet potato pie! Don't get me wrong, pumpkin is good, but sweet potato... Yum.

I've got to lay in a supply of bread for sandwiches, because we eat at that turkey until he's gone, and then his bones make stock. Waste not, want not, as our grandparents used to say.

This year the holiday falls two days before Bro1's birthday, so no conflict of interest involved. he he  Sis1 and Sis3 have birthdays earlier in November, and election day often falls on one of those days.

My Mama and Daddy didn't plan it that way, having three kids with birthdays the month before Christmas, it just worked out that way.

Me and Sis2 have birthdays in February, only days (but nine years) apart, and Bro2 is in January. I kid him that he must have been born two weeks premature, or he'd be a February baby, too, instead of being the oddball.

Number One was due on Thanksgiving in 1978, and I was teased so much about missing the big feast. I said I wasn't leaving until I ate, knowing I wouldn't get anything--even water--once I got to the hospital. Turns out the little bugger was nine days late. Any more and he'd been fighting with Santa Claus for presents.

In other news, I added another link on my resource page, to a site with instructions on how to use a program called Calibre to convert books for uploading. Since Amazon has stopped using/offering the Mobipocket software, this is really the only way to convert files (works for epubs, too).

Well, that's all for today, Gentle Readers. Remember to thaw the turkey ahead of time, and enjoy.