Resource page for writers, and a new car!

I've been working on something for a while that would gather all the links I've found helpful or inspiring in my journey on the indie writing trail. Then my computer died, and I lost my links. It was totally my fault, because I didn't check that my bookmarks were being properly backed up. So sad.

But I've slowly started adding links back, and I decided to make a page on my blog to share them with others who are searching for information. I'll have links for covers, formatting and general writing sites -- some are already up, so check them out.

I'd like to mention that I get no financial kickback from any of these links, except for my royalties if you buy my writing -- that is, I don't have affiliate links.

Now for the new car!  We've been struggling with car repair problems for a couple of years now, trying to keep older vehicles on the road because we can't afford to buy anything. I posted the other day about my fun grocery shopping trip in our only running car, a Mazda Protoge. My van is having crankshaft bearings replaced, and the Explorer was wrecked, so it's been rough getting everybody where they need to go.

Sis1 had called about somebody who was selling a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer at a cheap price, and we finally got to go look at at yesterday. After much discussion, we decided to buy a new starter to see if the SUV ran decently.

And it did! Oh, happy day!

It's sitting out in the driveway right now, and I can't wait to take it out for a good, long trip. It's a very nice model, almost exactly like the Explorer in body style, but a more luxurious model -- power windows and door locks, and leather seats, oh my! Did I mention is has a moon roof? Yeah, that's cool.

The best thing? Less than $600, not counting the tags and tax.

That's all the excitement for one day, Gentle Readers. Keep calm and buckle up.