A little blog maintenance and Pinterest.

The main thing I've done is make a page with links to buy my writing, and one which I'll use to list everything individually, with links and the blurb (describing what the story is about). I think this will be a better arrangement than the way I had the pages set up before.

I also added a button so you can pin something from my blog, if you are so inclined. It's on the upper right side bar. I still have the social network things that come up on the bottom of each post as well, if that's more your thing.

If you haven't found Pinterest yet, you should really check it out. It's like a bulletin board for the world, and you'll find all sorts of interesting things there -- food, fashion, crafts, stuff for the home, books, funny pictures, profound quotes -- anything and everything.

If you want to start your own boards, you can request an invite, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I got my invite in less than three days, but I think I must have hit a lull in requests.

My boards are about my writing, household things I've found interesting, some clothes I like, and one about crafts that catch my eye. I'll probably add more as I get more used to actually pinning things I find on the internet. I got a neat app from Firefox for that, to make it easier. Now all I've got to do is remember to use it.

So there you have it, Gentle Readers, the latest from my world. I'm off to tidy up a short story, and do some final tweaks on the cover.