snow day!

We got one of those February snows that North Carolina used to have when I was a kid. Seriously, the weather would be great until about this time or maybe March, and then we might get one or two snows.

And yesterday was the day! We got two inches at the old homestead. I went out this morning to get some photos. BRRR  Baby, it's cold outside.

up to my second knuckle

looking towards the parents' place

same tree, different angle

Today is Sis2's birthday. She was born when I was almost nine, so I call her my birthday present (I was born on the 22nd). I'd wanted a pony, but Daddy said we couldn't send her back, despite the fact I already had a sister, thank you, so...

It's funny, too, that Sis1 got the same thing for one of her birthdays--she was born on November 7th, and our baby sister was born on the 4th--or was it the 3rd, I forget which, for some reason. For their birthdays, they often get an election!

Then there is Bro1, who was also born in November. His birthday often falls on Thanksgiving. Yeah, my mother must have loved November. Bro2 was born in January, so he's the odd man out in the family.

On a side note, I'm still working away at the writing challenge, I just haven't updated here. I have 22,241 words, which puts me at almost 42,000 for the novel--that's a light at the end of the tunnel that you see there.

I didn't write Saturday, since I was out with Sis1 and Mama, hitting the thrift stores. Fun times, for sure, but no progress on the book. Then nothing for yesterday, either, because my hands were hurting. Dang arthritis.

Bummer. Two zero days in a row. I was going to take my birthday off and enjoy the day, but I think I'd better write.

There's nine more days in the challenge, and if I get 4,200 words each day, I can still reach the goal. Totally doable.

So, Gentle Readers, I've got to get busy. Keep warm and winter on.